Want a batch of fresh E.coli? There’s a printer for that. #3DPrinting A group of bio-hackers has built an affordable 3-D printer that can churn out sheets of bacteria to order. But that’ s just the beginning of a quest to print a leaf.


We know that 3-D printers can spit out products from jewelry to digital devices. Then we started hearing about technology that could print out human organs. The concept is proven but the technology remains too expensive for most mortals. Now, a group of hackers at Biocurious  has built a device that can print out cells. Its cost? About $150, according to this MIT Review report.

That means you too, if you so desire, can churn out a sheet of E.coli bacteria using a machine built of some custom-built parts and recycled  inkjet cartridges and CD-drive components. And, before you panic, remember only a few strains of E.coli are harmful.

The initial model works just in two dimensions, printing out sheets of fluorescent E. coli cells that read “I  heart BioCurious.” But, according to the story, project organizer Patrik D’haeseleer’s longer-term plan is:

“… to print plant cells and build…

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