Facebook changes privacy policy; public search, app permissions affected

Facebook is announcing updates to its privacy settings Wednesday, changing both how easy it is for users to make updates to those settings, and making a few changes in how information is presented, and also how user timelines appear in the search function.


Less than 48 hours after it formally ended a pretend experiment in democracy, Facebook(s fb) plans to announce a series of updates to its privacy settings on Wednesday morning. Some of the changes are fairly straightforward, including updates that make it easier for users to change their privacy settings without leaving the newsfeed, and more contextual information telling them where their content will be shared. But other updates, such as eventually making everyone’s timeline searchable in the search bar, are more significant changes to how users actually interact with Facebook.

The changes come just as Facebook shut down an “experiment” with letting users vote on changes to its terms of service, but the two aren’t necessarily connected. In the post from the company explaining the changes, Facebook is very clear to emphasize the “educational” nature of the changes; as in, many of the changes will work to educate users on…

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