Big data analytics is hot and getting hotter; 5 trends explain why

Big data analytics leader Pentaho Corporation has identified five key trends driving the market:


Big data analytics leader Pentaho Corporation has identified five key trends driving the market:

1. The big data platforms ecosystem is exploding: The popularity of several open-source big data platforms such as Hadoop, MongoDB, Cassandra and HBase is growing enormously, making it technically and economically viable to store and analyze big data.

2. Commercial quality big data platforms are here: Commercial companies now provide professional quality assurance, technical support and services for the leading big data platforms, so organizations can feel confident running their businesses on them.

3. Successful applications and results are on the rise: Big data analytics is being applied in a growing number of organizations spanning digital media, mobile apps, gaming, healthcare, security, finance and government. Compelling applications are emerging in the analysis of customer behavior, lead conversion, security threats, social media marketing, product management and supply chain optimization.

4. It’s just not that hard anymore: The complexity of big data technology initially was an…

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