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How mobile and IT mismanagement failed Mitt Romney…

Mobile technology is an invaluable tool for modern businesses and even political campaigns: at least, when it works. As Mitt Romney’s campaign found out the hard way this week, the mobile web is an afterthought to many and beta testing is a good thing.


Plenty has already been written — and will continue to be written — about how Mitt Romney blew his chance to unseat President Obama despite a stagnant economy. His campaign’s gaffe-filled attempt to harness one of the transformative technologies of our time surely didn’t help.

Project Orca, the Romney campaign’s mobile strategy to equip an army of loyal volunteers with tools to help measure voter turnout, generated more stress than it did votes for the Republican candidate. As detailed by Romney volunteer and web developer John Ekdahl on his blog and further explained by other reports, Project Orca was untested technology foisted upon volunteers at the last minute with very little practical training.

The idea was a good one: campaigns have for years monitored voting in cities and towns across the country to see whether or not people expected to turn out for an election actually vote. Campaign volunteers watch…

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