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Kim Dotcom’s lawyer: “There has been a trail of illegality”

Kim Dotcom’s U.S. lawyer believes that the case against MegaUpload will eventually fall apart, in part because New Zealand’s police violated multiple laws when raiding Dotcom’s residence and arresting him.Dotcom is getting support from the EFF, who is suing on behalf of a MegaUpload user


Police violated numerous laws in New Zealand when pursuing their case against Kim Dotcom and MegaUpload, Dotcom’s lawyer Ira P. Rothken said during a panel at the SF Musictech Summit in San Francisco Tuesday, which is why he is hoping that the case will soon be dismissed in its entirety. There has been a trail of illegality,” Rothken said, adding: “We strongly believe MegaUpload will win this case.”

Rothken was joined on the panel by EFF staff attorney Julie Samuels, whose organization is interceding in the proceedings on behalf of a MegaUpload user. The user is attempting to get access to his data, which was taken offline as part of the raid on MegaUpload’s U.S. data center earlier this year. Samuels agreed that the case looks pretty good for Dotcom overseas, stating: “The case is procedurally falling apart in New Zealand.” The situation is a little different in the…

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