A protest against Russian proposals to block websites deemed illegal has brought out the web’s big beast, after the bill was passed by the lower house of the country’s parliament.

The Duma passed bill  89417-6, in which the government proposed creating a blacklist of websites containing child porn, drug-related and extremist material and other content deemed illegal.

A protest had seen Wikipedia go black on Tuesday. And, on Thursday, Google’s Russia PR director Alla Zabrovskaya took to a company blog to say:

“We certainly support the intention of lawmakers to protect children online. However, we believe that the possible negative consequences of applying the law to exceed the expected positive effect, jeopardizing the user’s access to legal resources.”

Zabrovskaya said Google’s Blogger service is already entirely blocked in Russia thanks to an earlier court ruling that some posts on the site were extremist. And she said the whole of YouTube…

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