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BP announced $4.5Billion in profit for the 3rd Quarter of 2011 and has deducted the cost of the Gulf oil spill clean-up off its bottom line ensuring that the $40 billion that they put aside effectively is subsidized by the US taxpayer as they can claim back credit at the rate of 35% for losses accrued. Although spot rates for Natural gas peaked in 2006 at 15 and again in 2008 at 14, they are currently less than $4, has your bill dropped by 2/3 accordingly? So in a Quarter where they have a profit of $4.5 BILLION in profit, they are effectively are paying no tax and have asked for £330Million back from HMRC for wrongly paying stamp duty tax on a purchase made 10 years ago and might get a $2.5 BILLION refund from the US government on the basis that it can deduct expenses off of the tax bill for cleaning up the Gulf Oil Spill. Fuck #occupywallstreet, #occupyBP!